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I had a lovely minication going to my interview this week! Madison is a lovely city, and the weather was gorgeous. I got to test drive my very first pair of wedges (success!), as well as interview for a great position at a great company. We'll see what happens!

Something you may not know about me (but probably do) is that I'm a big geek. I love superheroes and comics, and summer is the time of superhero movies! I haven't seen Thor or X-Men: First Class yet, but you can bet I'll catch both of them before they leave theaters. And thinking about superheroes reminded me of my Buffy Summers Fictional Fashion Icons post. Why, I ask myself, shouldn't I dress like a superhero in everyday life? Now, a cape and spandex panties might not be the most cool (or cooling...all that spandex would get hot) look for summer, but comic book stars can still be a style inspiration.

wonder woman beachwear

With this Wonder Woman inspired outfit, you're ready for a day frolicking on the beach! It's pretty much impossible not to look like an American flag when you're inspired by Wonder Woman, so I didn't really try. You've got her trademark gold jewelry, and the hat with yellow bands to mimic her tiara. Strappy red sandals are much more summer-friendly (and subtle) than her usual red boots. If you can pair the look with an invisible convertible, all the better!

the dark knight on the boardwalk

A Batman inspired look has to be for nighttime; there's no way you would stay comfortable wearing that much black during the day in the summer! So hit the club or the boardwalk in a slinky dress (with a nice yellow stripe to call to mind the trademark utility belt without being too obvious). It wouldn't be Batman without a little bit of hardware, so I picked some hardcore boots (for fighting baddies obviously) and brass knuckles inspired rings. A pair of shades, because a mask is kind of like wearing sunglasses at night. Add a nice but useful black bag to keep all your various crime fighting accoutrement, and off you go!

harley quinn goes to the mall

Not actually a hero, but when I saw that shirt, I couldn't help but think of Harley Quinn, one of my favorite comic villainesses. Update her slinky red-and-black look for daywear by pairing a red t-shirt with black leggings or skinny jeans. A pair of sneakers keeps things bright and fun, and a variety of jewelry and accessory pulls in both the violence of villainy and a subtle nod to a playing card theme (spades on the earrings and heart sunglasses). A kicky purse, and you're ready for a casual day at the mall or somewhere else air-conditioned.

This barely scratches the surface of superhero-themed outfits, and there are a million ways to pick up inspiration and do a subtle everyday cosplay! I would definitely recommend the gorgeous superhero outfit sketches by Katrina Navarro. Her take is a little bit more literal than I was aiming for, but they're also a ton of fun!

Which superhero would you want to dress like for a day?

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