operation update: revving up again

The job I had been interviewed for didn't end up panning out. It's disappointing, but I still have applications places I would really love to work (and ones that are more suited to my long-term goals), so I'm not heartbroken. The only real change is that now that I know I won't be asked to pack up and move in the next two weeks, my update project is back on the rails. It's been in stasis, really, since I got home, unsure of where I would be next. It didn't make much sense to lug all my stuff down to the basement/unpack the other stuff if I would need to lug it back up/pack it all up in a week or so. But my other prospects are within commuting distance of my house, so I'll probably be here for a good long while. It's time to get the ball rolling again!

Today, in a spurt of energy, I took the last of my "stuff" boxes down to the basement (except one I can't lift). Perhaps tomorrow I'll start cleaning out my closet to make room to store all the other stuff I don't want to put in the basement (mostly my kitchen/cooking supplies. also, shoes). Whatever the schedule, it's time to get a move on.

That said, I have accomplished a few of my update goals!

1. Bedding

A new "grown up" bedding set was at the top of my list, so it was the first thing I bought! This is the Jeslyn Comforter Set from Springmaid. I got it at Target, because Target has cute home goods! I was initially waffling on the color but now I absolutely love it and, yes, it's got birds on it. My plan was to go with a sort of baroque/damask theme to the room, but now I'm going a little more light/naturey. I'm hoping to get some branch/bird decals to go on my bookcase in order to lighten it up (it's black as night).

And yes, I got a Kleenex box to match. Couldn't resist!

2. Desk!

You might recall my obsession with a desk as real "grown-up" furniture. Well, I finally got one!

I first found a desk at Pier One. It was a lovely little white sawhorse number, and I was immediately smitten. We went to World Market after, and I found a very similar desk, but it was smaller and had a laquered finish that I didn't like. There was another desk that looked interesting, but it was much more expensive than the other desk (which was already at the top of my price range), so I passed it by.

My mom and I went back to Pier One later that week so we didn't miss out on the desk, which was on sale! Except when we went back, we realized that it wasn't on sale, so there was no special rush on it. I decided to wait.

Meanwhile, life went on. I scrubbed off my mom's old director's chairs, and she remembered seeing some replacement canvas for them at World Market. It would be a great way to spice up our porch! We went back to World Market, and I decided to poke around the desks again, just in case. I always love to shop for furniture! And I discovered that the desk that was too expensive for me was now marked down to cheaper than the Pier One desk! I gave it a good look and...well.

The Charles Sawhorse Desk from World Market

The desk is still packed in a box in the garage, but I'll get a good picture of it once I have it set up and in the room. I was drawn to the timelessness of the warm natural wood, the shelving space on the bottom (the Pier One desk had zero storage space), and how solid it was. This is a desk that I could probably use as a kitchen table if I needed to. It's definitely big kid furniture.

That's my progress so far! It's not much, but my two major purchases have been made. The rest is cleaning, accessorizing, and arranging!

Now, if you'll excuse me, my $10 thrift sale bread machine is beeping...and that bread smells good!

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