face painting extravaganza

Sometimes I actually do things in my day-to-day life besides watch HGTV and make food for people! My sister is graduating from high school next weekend (yikes! and congrats!), so on Saturday, the school threw a sort of senior party. It was carnival themed, and there were games, inflatables, food, and yours truly supplied the face painting.

To be perfectly frank, face painting was not exactly the hit of the night...there wasn't a ton of interest, so I spent most of the night drawing on myself. But the kids who did come through seemed happy with what I gave them, and that's what matters! I replicated a wrestler's mask from a photo on a kid's phone, drew a cupcake, a couple dragons, some flowers, and even a few name tattoos. I didn't get photos of most of what I drew (even on me), but here's a little sample.

An octopus for my fabulous sister!

Obviously the sea was on my mind last night. I kind of gave myself an ocean-themed leg, with the squid, anchor, and my mermaid. (Excuse my terrifying monkey toes! I get them from my grandpa.) I didn't get a shot of my arm, but it had some fancy swirly designs and a peacock. It's also harder than you might expect to draw on your own legs without contorting into non school-appropriate positions, so I'm pretty pleased with how my work turned out! Sadly, they all had to go before I got into my bed with its white sheets and all.

All in all, a good night. Congratulations to the (baby) Class of 2011! A big kid Class of 11er salutes you.

All photos were taken by my snazzy little sister and shamelessly hijacked from her Facebook. Thanks, sis!

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