awarded (again!): versatile blogger

I am apparently so versatile that I received another Versatile Blogger award! I was given one in the early days of the blog by Angela, and I've been lucky enough to receive another from Hannah! I really appreciate being thought of, and since the set up is a little different this time around (and Hannah herself made a cool new graphic), I thought I'd make another post.

As a recipient of the award, I've been asked (by the Blogging Awards Academy* of course) to share seven things about myself. Here we go!

  • I love hardwood floors more than just about anything. I'm resigned to live with carpeting in a future apartment, at least for a while, but I will always come back to hardwood.
  • I minored in Women's and Gender Studies in college, and though it gets a lot less airtime than my Creative Writing degree, it's something I value just as much and am equally passionate about! Actually, I'm pretty sure the only thing that kept me from being a double major was not completing an internship, I definitely had plenty of WGST class credits!
  • I slept with a nightlight all through high school! Ridiculous, I know, but I really felt better with a little bit of light. Now, of course, I must have pitch black or I can't fall asleep. Life!
  • I love theater. I did a lot of acting in high school, a little in college, and I hope that wherever I end up has a thriving community theater that I could be a part of. I also love seeing shows.
  • I'm terrible at unpacking. Not only have I not unpacked my one tiny suitcase from my interview trip last week, I really haven't unpacked most of what I brought home from school last month. I have a hard time carving out the time to really focus and work on a project like that.
  • I'm an avowed doodler. I'd never claim to be an artist, but I love to draw and sketch, and I've dabbled in painting and would love to do more.
  • I tend to shop on a palette without realizing it. I'll go to show off my purchases and go "...oh, I bought four things the same shade of purple/teal/green." So, apparently I'm drawn to particular colors at particular times!

Next, I'd like to pass the award on to a deserving blogger. Disdainbrook is run by my very dear friend Kaitlin, but fear not: there is (little to) no nepotism in this pick! She's new on the blogging scene, but she has a great voice and writes about YA lit, her own writing projects, playing the ukulele, and life in general. Plus, mustaches!

Thank you again, Hannah!

*Not an actual organization

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