summer inspiration: cut it all off!

One of my greatest summer temptations has always been a pixie cut. How great would it be to just chop it all off? You'd never get bogged down and sweaty with all that hair on your neck, no time needed to dry and style--just go! I did cut my hair off once, going from mid-back to chin-length my senior year of high school, but I've never been able to go really short. Because of my curls, I'm pretty sure that I would look like a dandelion with a frizzy halo of fuzz if I cut my hair short enough. But my own little sister made the leap today, and she's got me lusting for a pixie cut again!

Tres chic, am I right? We just celebrated our respective graduations with family and friends this weekend, and then Julie shed that old life (and a good 10" of hair!) just in time for us to hit up Summerfest this weekend. It's the world's largest outdoor music festival, held right here in Milwaukee, in case you didn't know! I still don't think that a cut that short would work on my hair, but I do have the itch to mix things up this summer in the hair department. Maybe I'll put a little more practice into my victory rolls and add some retro flair to my summer look!

What's your summer daydream? Do you always hope to find the perfect pair of cut-offs or buy those designer sunglasses? Do you yearn to never wear a single pair of socks, from June to September?

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