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Gosh, who would've thought this graduating from college thing would be such hard work?

I have been in a whirl of schoolwork, my kitschy friends, and have hardly had the time to shop the internet much less find things worthy of telling you about. But I hate to leave the blog alone for so long, so let me interrupt your currently interrupted programming to bring you a nice dose of pretty. Today (this morning, probably, for those of you who aren't night owls) I've brought some of the most inspiring/stylish photos that have come along my tumblr dash lately.

Via bohemea

A well-dressed but slightly undone man is one of my very favorite things, and David Boreanaz is certainly rocking it here. He looks devilishly handsome, yet still devil-may-care. And as those of you who know of my passion for crossdressing and menswear know, yes, I totally want to wear this.

Via sweethomestyle

Love the colors and headboard, but the real star is of course that wall. Looks like a chalkboard wall, and I will now tell you a secret: It's my life's ambition to have a home with a chalkboard wall. Okay, so that's not really a secret, but look how pretty!

Via Vintage Vandalizm

I have such a weakness for greasers. Part of it is my not-so secret desire to be a rockabilly queen, but greasers, man. It's the hair, it's the attitude, it's the leather. This art style is also adorable.

Via severability

Opaque colored tights: on my list. This just makes me want to combine colors in the nuttiest possible ways. It's definitely a style inspiration, even though I think I'll probably play it safe and start with royal blue and black opaque tights, when I finally get around to ordering a few pairs. Secretly, I want bright yellow to go with my blue suede shoes. Man, there are secrets all over this post. You guys know me so much better now.

Where are you getting inspiration from lately? Any amazing tumblrs that I should follow?

the case of the unloved dress: a tale of fashion mystery

I had my very own fashion mystery the other week, albeit a rather sedate one. The cast of characters is me, your intrepid and loyal blogger*

and this dress

Now, I bought this dress over the summer while out shopping with my oldest friends. We had both grabbed a grand quantity of dresses from the sale racks (she was looking for a dress to wear to a wedding, and I was looking for any ol' dress) and jammed into a single dressing room. I picked this dress over a slick bright pink Joan Holloway sort of number that I loved, but couldn't imagine wearing around campus. I wore it to some family event (my grandma's birthday?) and then packed it away in my closet.

Days and weeks went by, months, and for some reason, I decided that I didn't like the dress anymore. "Oh you," I would think, glaring at it in the closet whenever I would shift past it. It became a symbol to me of my constant mantra while shopping: If you won't wear it, it's not a bargain. No matter how on sale it is.

Flash forward to a dreary day last week. I wanted to wear something fun, with a little kick, and none of my dresses were really speaking to me. "I guess I can try you on," I told The Dress, my last resort. I slipped it on and...

I really liked it. I honestly have no idea how or why I convinced myself I didn't; it has many of the qualities I love in a dress: black, white, polka dots, belt, vintage-inspired silhouette. It fits just fine. It's a fashion mystery, but even if it's never solved, at least there's a happy ending! I wore the dress, got some compliments, and intend to wear it again with my foxy blue heels to set off the yellow in the belt and lining. Isn't that a beautiful story?

Has this ever happened to you? Or am I the only one with random and fickle (ha ha) clothing prejudices?

*I am possibly too enamored with making gifs of myself. I made it here

style inspiration: marie antoinette

I know that wanting to be Marie Antoinette is like so 2006, but I have to admit, I've had a bit of Baroque fever lately. I actually didn't much like the movie itself, though I'm thinking that maybe I should give it a second chance because I love the style--the period clothing with just a slightest hint of rock n' roll. Pour on a heavier dose of rock, and you're ready to hit the street in a whole new way.

Inspiration is obviously the film, Marie Antoinette, as well as fashion editorials, illustrations, and the phenomonal drag stylings of Raja (a current contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race). There are so many great modern interpretations of the rococo style, and I'm a fan. As much as I'd love to cruise around with a powdered face and a giant wig studded with bows and pearls, a few touches and inspirations might be better for everyday wear.

gone rococo

Obviously, my interpretation of the Antoinette look is mostly pink and ruffles, florals, and plenty of glam. All things that are easily melded into an everyday style and incorporated into your wardrobe.

Hair Headband Blue Rose Cabochon | Neo Victorian Filigree Ring | Sugared Rose Earrings | Squid Girl Necklace | Taynton Marie Antoinette Blue & Ivory | Antoinette Statement Bib

An Etsy search for "Marie Antoinette" yielded a lot of lovely accessories that I want to get my grabby little hands around. The shoes are lovely, but I've really got my eye on those pastel candy-like roses. They look delicious enough to eat, and certainly fine enough to put in my hair.

Those interested in more rococo style should check out Le Courtier, my favorite tumblr for baroque/rococo needs. (Warning: autoplay music player! Terrible, I know, but the pictures are worth it. And I can usually pause it before it loads up.)

fickle tips: yellow for blondes

Because I'm a blonde I feel like I should avoid yellow shirts because I'm under the impression that wearing a yellow shirt would make my hair kind of blend in with the shirt and make me look like a blob of yellow. Can blondes rock yellow/am I just being silly? Or is it better to just avoid light yellow/tan shirts, but go for *bright* yellow.

Yellow can be a tricky color because it's so strong. I feel that more than hair color, one has to consider skin tone when picking out colors. For example, "nudes"/beiges tend to look bad on me because I'm pale with pink undertones, so they either wash me out or make my complexion look very ruddy. But the awesome thing about colors, like yellow, is that there's a tone out there for everybody.

Personally, I don't spend a lot of time reading up on the "color theory" of fashion--I prefer to just use trial and error to see what works. And I do think that skin tone is the deciding factor; I don't feel that any of the clothes I bought and wore when I was blonde are particularly unflattering now that I'm a redhead, although they definitely do pick up different tones.

In my experience as a pale-pinky-skinned blonde, the best yellows for me were either on the pastel side or on the warmer/slightly orangeish side. As an example, here's Michelle Williams looking absolutely stunning in a canary-colored gown:

Photo courtesy of Buzznet

Ice (or "bleached") blondes, I feel, can more often pull off the cooler toned yellows than those with more golden blonde hair.

Another option, if you just can't find a yellow that's perfect but don't want to give up on it, is to go with a yellow pattern instead of an all-over color.

Evelyn Dress in Yellow and Black by Pinup Couture

The white and black breaks up the yellow, making it a more manageable color on any skin tone or with any hair color. You could also consider breaking up yellow pieces in other ways, such as a vest or a cardigan over a yellow top.

And, in the end, I've always been a big believer in wearing what you want to wear. Even if it's not your "best color," if you love yellow, wear it, rock it, and, as Tim Gunn might say...

Image from epitomeofperfection

If you too have a fashion/style/etc. related question, please feel free to ask Fickle Kitsch or just shoot me an e-mail!

fabulous while infected: confronting illness with style

Folks, I started working on this post last week, and began it with "I'm just getting over a cold!" And let me tell you, this is one beast of a cold, because I'm still getting over it. More tragically, I am still in a slump. One of the worst things about being sick is the misery that comes along with it doesn't really stop once you get better (if you ever get better *cough cough*). All of a sudden, putting on some mascara seems like a monumental task. "Jeans and a hoodie? Yeah, sure, okay. Whatever." Curling up under a blanket on the couch is so much more fun than running a comb through your hair.

I wish I had had the energy/foresight to try to bring a little bit of fabulosity into my life, even while I was sick. And so I am making this post, for my own benefit as well as the benefit of every sick fashionista.

Beckoning Creatures Kimono-style Robe by plumprettysugar | Blossoms Floral and Lace Wrap Robe from Apt 9 | Wild Tigress Kimono from Pajamagram | Satin Heart Robe and Chemise by Apt 9

I am at this very moment, in fact, wearing a robe. It's my Cruella deVil robe, literally: dalmation-print terrycloth that I've had forever. But I feel cozy as well as pretty sassy, and comfort always has to be at the forefront of your needs when you're sick. A fun robe can brighten your spirits while still allowing you to be lazy and comfortable. You could be a Disney villain like myself, or a Jedi warrior, clad in a bathrobe, kimono, or a housecoat. So long as it helps you stay in high spirits!

On the same theme of brightening up your immediate surroundings while still being comfortable, get a fun blanket. I have a teal/black fleece that I practically lived under through my convalescence. One of the best parts: fleece blankets are incredibly easy to make yourself, with minimal sewing or no-sew! So find a pattern that speaks to you (hearts or cheetah print or Disney characters -- even if it's this one, I promise not to make fun) and whip up your own personalized and ultra-fab sick-day blanket.

This isn't technically in the realm of fashion but it's a well-known fact that hot drinks make everything better. My roommates, bless their hearts, cared for me most sweetly with cups of cocoa while I was sick, and having a perfect mug (fits well in your hands for optimum warming, large enough for a sizeable quantity of tea or cocoa, and ideally cute as a button) helps a lot.

And, if you have a lovely parent, friend, or paramour who would do a load of laundry for you -- do it! Warm clothes are always lovely, but the real treat is a never-worn shirt that's been waiting for you. Nothing fresher or cooler for an overheated sick body.

I'm on break right now, so I'm planning to use this time to recharge my batteries and be full-fab again for the last few months of my college career! What do you do to get back on the horse when you've been sick for a while?


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