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Gosh, who would've thought this graduating from college thing would be such hard work?

I have been in a whirl of schoolwork, my kitschy friends, and have hardly had the time to shop the internet much less find things worthy of telling you about. But I hate to leave the blog alone for so long, so let me interrupt your currently interrupted programming to bring you a nice dose of pretty. Today (this morning, probably, for those of you who aren't night owls) I've brought some of the most inspiring/stylish photos that have come along my tumblr dash lately.

Via bohemea

A well-dressed but slightly undone man is one of my very favorite things, and David Boreanaz is certainly rocking it here. He looks devilishly handsome, yet still devil-may-care. And as those of you who know of my passion for crossdressing and menswear know, yes, I totally want to wear this.

Via sweethomestyle

Love the colors and headboard, but the real star is of course that wall. Looks like a chalkboard wall, and I will now tell you a secret: It's my life's ambition to have a home with a chalkboard wall. Okay, so that's not really a secret, but look how pretty!

Via Vintage Vandalizm

I have such a weakness for greasers. Part of it is my not-so secret desire to be a rockabilly queen, but greasers, man. It's the hair, it's the attitude, it's the leather. This art style is also adorable.

Via severability

Opaque colored tights: on my list. This just makes me want to combine colors in the nuttiest possible ways. It's definitely a style inspiration, even though I think I'll probably play it safe and start with royal blue and black opaque tights, when I finally get around to ordering a few pairs. Secretly, I want bright yellow to go with my blue suede shoes. Man, there are secrets all over this post. You guys know me so much better now.

Where are you getting inspiration from lately? Any amazing tumblrs that I should follow?

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