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The rumors are true! I have been informing my roommates about very important articles regarding thread count and how to pick a perfect mattress. I get inappropriately lustful over appliance commercials. I mournfully browse IKEA's website at least once a week. There's no denying it: I'm in a haze of wanton domesticity. I can't control myself! I must be stopped.

Or perhaps I'll manage somehow. Sadly, I probably won't have an apartment of my own to wreak my domestic vision on for at least a year (please, don't make me wait so long), so I have to live vicariously through websites and blogs, showing me what it can be like. It's not just the decor or the furniture that gets me all warm and cozy; it's the promise of dinner parties, crafting, making a space all mine. I've been living in a campus apartment this year, and while I've had a good trial run, the school-standard furniture, beige walls, and student budget all put a pretty weighty damper on individual style expression. (As does, of course, the sheer amount of time being a student takes up. This week has been particularly miserable; it's as though they think we're here to learn!)

So, to allay the yearnings of those, like me, who are still waiting for a place of their own, and to inspire those who have theirs, here's my five favorite blogs to hep me get my domesticity fix.

1. Apartment Therapy/The Kitchn
They're part of the same web family, so they definitely count as one! Also, they're the most obvious; I probably should have left them off the list, they're so ubiquitous in the home/design blogging sector by now, but I hate the thought that someone might not know! The thing I really love best about Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn is not, in fact, their home/kitchen tours and inspiration posts. I love the questions set to the commentariat--I've never seen a group of commenters who are so helpful anywhere else on the web--and their useful link aggregations. As I mentioned above, I read a number of articles about thread counts and the differences between types of mattresses. My roommates were bored to tears, but I, ever the domestic wannabe, was fascinated. (Apartment Therapy was also the source of one of my favorite posts yesterday.)

2. Saucy Dwellings
Livejournal has pretty much been left behind in the blogging world, but one of my favorite sources of design inspiration is still housed (haha) there. Saucy Dwellings is a community welcoming the "saucy" homes and rooms of LJ users. They also run a weekly "Open Sauce" post full of random requests for help and new projects. It's been fairly slow lately, but the community aspect is something that keeps me coming back. There's a lot of back and forth discussion about elements of the rooms, and I've never seen a poster decline to explain a project, name a paint color, or give a reupholstering tip to a curious commenter.

3. Offbeat Home
I'm totally behind the boat on this one. I've always been a big fan of Offbeat Bride (because I am obsessed with weddings, hello) but never scrolled up to check out the other sites in their family. This one is fun because it's a little bit funky, with a lot of variety in style and substance. I'm pretty much head over heels for the Steampunk home they just featured.

4. Sweet Home Style
Repping for another blogging platform, Sweet Home Style is one of my favorite inspiration tumblrs. They feature some truly drool-worthy magazine shots alongside real homes. As much as I love a good chatty blog, there's something about page after page of lovely pictures that just makes my heart happy.

5. Design*Sponge
And another classic. Design*Sponge features gorgeous rooms, neat indie artists/artisans, and useful DIY projects! It was the first decor/design/home blog that I started reading regularly and will always have a special place in my heart, even if their features are usually less budget-conscious than I can handle!

What design blogs do you keep coming back to? Can anyone else not wait to freak out over cooking for a dinner party?

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