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Today I went to work! Actually, I went to work twice. You see, I work at my college's theater. So during the day, I slave away in the box office, providing the culture-starved hordes with tickets to the shows. And then I work as an usher on show nights. It's actually a really great job that's a lot of fun, helps me hone my customer services skills, and means I get to see the shows for free! Win-Win-Win situation! The fourth win here is that we're required to dress nicely for our ushering duties, and any excuse to look cute is fine in my book. I'll admit that during the winter, I slacked, usually going with black pants and a blouse because I did not want to walk across a frozen campus at night in a skirt.

But now the sun has come out, the weather is (a bit) warmer, and I'm ready to get stylin'. Tonight I test-drove one of my bag sale scores! It was even better than expected. I wore it to work, and then to a little birthday get-together in honor of my beloved Kaitlin, who turned 22 today! (Happy Birthday, bbud! ♥)

click for fullsize!

Top: Kohl's
Skirt: thrifted, vintage (no tags)
Shoes: Kohl's

My lovely roommate/photographer suggested I hold the books mostly as a joke, but they look pretty natural there, don't they? (That's The Hunger Games and Hero for the curious. Both worth checking out!) I always used to call this sweatervest top my "professor shirt," and paired with the skirt, I was definitely feeling young professor or sassy TA.

I love the skirt. It's kind of a trial to get on and off (there are...no closures whatsoever. None.), but it's worth it. I'm really feeling the accordion folds lately...I actually just ordered a dress for graduation that has very similar pleating--hopefully it'll be a success, and I'll give you guys a little preview (probably on twitter!)

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