the right stuff: boots (omg boots)

I don't know if it's the winter, but I am having ferocious boot love lately. The previous sentence is a complete shameless lie; I love boots all the time! Even in the summer, when there are few occasions to wear boots without making your feet (and sometimes your calves) sweat ridiculously, I adore them.

I love tall boots:

tall glass of leather

Check out all those straps and buckles! Fact: there is no boot that is not improved by at least one strap and buckle.

And I love short boots:

short (not sweet)

Little bows! Hints of fur! More buckles and straps and studs and sassy laces and tiny buttons, oh my!

The thing I love best about boots is how versatile they are. You can wear them with a skirt, tucked into pants, done up over pants (I would only advise this with specific pants though, jean-bulge is no fun!), however you like! They can make an outfit feel wintery, give it a bit of an edge, or make an outfit look more dressed-up without (necessarily) murdering your feet. And, of course, they can keep your feet warm! That's a success story all around!

I love wearing boots best of all because they make me feel fierce. I don't usually have a ton of edge in my clothes, and an awesome pair of boots can make anything feel rockin'. I actually love the look of a flowy dress/skirt with a pair of boots; it weighs the outfit in a totally different way.


  1. Man, these make my old ratty boots look so sad. XD If the second image top right didn't have a heel, I'd be all over that one!
    You're making me look forward to winter~!

  2. Ugh, I want a pair so bad! My wife has a BEAUTIFUL pair of soft, black, leather boots and I drool all over them.

    I also have to say, while I LOVE knee high boots and have lately been loving short boots, I also adore cowgirl boots. That's definitely part of being a cowgirl ;) But they're so gorgeous and look good with anything!

  3. Boots are my favorite part of fall/winter.

    I'm usually a tall boot kind of girl, but I adore the two pairs of flat short boots in your Polyvore set, the grey and black with all that ankle hardware. So fierce.

  4. @Claire Those are definitely Claireboots! You should treat yourself to a new pair for winter, pretty much.

    @Angela Mmm, I need new leather. I got a pair of little houndstooth ankle boots this year, but I haven't gotten good old black leather in ages. Cowgirl boots are definitely snazzy, too! I would be afraid to wear them in the snow, though, haha.

    @Gillie I am so into hardware lately. The more buckles and studs the better!



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