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It's hard not to be in a writing mood in November! Actually, scratch that. It's hard not to feel the writing atmosphere in November. I think many of us (myself included) have proved how very easy it is to totally fall off the bandwagon as soon as the pressure is on. For anyone failing NaNoWriMo for the first time: don't sweat it. I've been doing this for years. But I can't say that I'm free from writing all together. I'm still critiquing stories for my fiction class, reading ridiculous amounts of submissions for the literary magazine I'm on the board for, and tonight I have a flash fiction reading with the aforementioned class. So today, as I take a break from trying to cobble together something I'm not ashamed to read in front of a crowd, I thought I would bring some fun writing-related accessories from Etsy.

Floating Shift Antique Typewriter Oak Leaf Ring by qacreate

Let me tell you, I almost just threw this post out the window and made an i heart etsy spotlight post for QA Create. Typewriter key jewelry is always fabulous, but I've never fallen quite so deeply and unrepentantly in love with it as I did when I clicked on this shop. In addition to typewriter keys, they also offer pieces made from vintage comics, baseballs, scrabble tiles as well as wedding and steampunk jewelry -- it's a real cornucopia of lovely things, and I'm planning to snoop a bit more thoroughly and pick myself a Christmas present from there.

Sir William Shakespeare Book Locket Necklace by heartworksbylori

Ah, the lovely and talented Sir Will, always a welcome addition to any party/library/shindig/adventure/jewelry box. Seriously, I adore Shakespeare, and I would love to display my allegiance to him in locket form. Always close to my heart, Bill, always.

Underwood Typewriter Narrow by toybreaker

If you weren't already aware, toybreaker makes the absolute coolest ties in the whole wide world (FACT). I love the vibrancy of this blue, as well as the nifty typewriter print. A great accessory for the gentlemen in your life or for the ladies who look positively dashing in a tie (hint: that's all of them. Ties on women don't have to look all Sk8r Boi, I promise! Especially when they're gorgeous funky ones like this.)

Keep Calm and Blog On and Keep Calm and Write On by KeepCalmShop

Posters are accessories for your house, right? I know a lot of people are tired of the "Keep Calm" trend, but I'm not burnt out yet! This is possibly because I don't own one yet, tragedy of tragedies.

Jane Austen Sterling Silhouette Necklace by celula

Another specific-writer-themed accessory, but who wouldn't want a tiny silver Jane Austen silhouette to take everywhere? Maybe on a very special night, she would come alive and tell you all sorts of lovely stories about Mr. Darcy, Mr. Knightley, Colonel Brandon, or another Austenian hunk of your choosing! (I will admit that my hunkish leanings are definitely swayed by the film portrayals by Mark Strong and Alan Rickman respectively, two real life hunks I would absolutely swoon for. No corset necessary!)


  1. Oh gosh, that ring is beautiful!
    Nice finds! :D
    (I really want one of those posters now... *sighs*)

  2. I love the Keep Calm and Blog On poster!

  3. @Claire Isn't it? I'm definitely in love.

    @lostgirlinthelittlecity It seems like it would be so inspiring to keep up on the wall by your laptop!



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