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It is well and truly winter! The beginning of November is usually the entrance of honest-to-goodness biting cold where I live, but it's the beginning of December that tells us winter wasn't just some dark and chilly dream of last year. Poetic, right? But seriously, it's dark by 4:30 these days, and even ice queens like me know it's time to break out some winter gear. I featured some awesome boots last week, so I thought I'd hunt down some other nice accessories to keep you warm and fierce all season.

hats off

Hats are awesome. I got a cute cloche hat for Christmas last year, and even under all the layers of my winter gear, I always feel like a stylish screen siren when I wear it. It also covers the tips of my ears (the most delicate part of the human body we ever subject to the wind, I contend) without making it impossible to hear anything or giving me a headache like earmuffs tend to. And, because the material is fairly soft, it even fits my giant head. Hats and headbands have always been a struggle for me, because my head is large. As I told my aunt, "It was a problem even when I was a small-headed person. Actually, I was just a small person. My head was never small." So I understand your woes, my fellows, but do not despair. There is a hat for you! And the knit ones are usually stretchy enough that it doesn't matter! Score!

gimme some glove

This set was actually weirdly hard to make. Apparently I'm really picky about gloves--who knew! As cliche as they are, I've always wanted a pair of skeleton gloves; they're just cool! I also have a love/hate relationship with the "mittens/fingerless gloves" that are so popular these days; part of me likes them, but part of me hates the idea of being constrained by a mitten. I don't like mittens; I need my fingers, thanks. I actually end up forgoing gloves and just shoving my hands into my pockets more often than not. Because I am hardcore.

How do you suit up for winter? Or are you a lucky duck who lives somewhere that doesn't require Defcon 4 levels of insulation every time you leave the house?


  1. I knit and crochet about 90% of my cold weather accessories. The only thing I don't make is gloves - I love a sleek pair of professionally made gloves.

    The pair I have now is brown velour with cream plaid, and they're glorious. I've had my eye on a gorgeous pair of black leather gloves with little studded bows at the wrist. They're ladylike and bad-ass at the same time.

    I just can't wear full gloves when I drive, it's like I can't get a good grip on the steering wheel if I can't actually feel it in my hands. I made some cute little handwarmers for driving or as an extra layer under gloves on an especially frosty day.

  2. I'm becoming a fan of "glittens," as I've heard them called. The "constraining" aspect of the mitten portion keeps your fingers warmer than gloves do, because all your fingers are snuggled together and sharing body heat. If and when you require fine motor coordination, you just flip the top part back. They're exquisitely functional! They do look kinda weird, though. Those gloves you picked out are certainly more attractive.

  3. @Gillie I wish I had the patience to knit my own accessories...I never progressed past scarves and I wasn't even very good at those :( I always lost a stitch somewhere...

    Those sound excellent! I have a pair of leopard print gloves from some Walgreens sale rack, I'm hoping to invest in a pair of nice leather ones (with buttons, please!)

    I like to layer my gloves with armwarmers to get rid of that bothersome gap between the bottom of your glove and the sleeve of the coat that lets so much cold air in.

    @Sara I think a lot of them are super cute, and they are the best of both worlds! I guess I just feel like a kiddo when I wear mittens, when I want to feel a little bit like a fabulous early-20th-century lady!

  4. Hi- First of all, love your site! We share similar interests I think!

    Second- I'm a Minnesotan, and I walk to work (6 blocks) so winter is basically a fight to the most layers as I leave the house. multiple scarves, in particular order layered over hoods, hats, mittens, sweaters, tights under pants at times...

    it's brutal, but I can't seem to leave it...




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