fictional fashion icons: hogwarts houses

I haven't done the fictional fashion icon feature in forever (actually, I only did it once!) because looking up screencaps and going "ooooh" just wasn't that much fun. So I decided to twist it up a little.

As you all surely know, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was recently released. Dear readers, I was there are midnight, Slytherin scarf wrapped around my neck, baring my Sharpie'd Dark Mark for all to see. I considered doing a costumes post for the movie, but the school uniform is pretty basic, so I wanted to get a bit more creative with it...


For the stylish Gryffindor out on the town. You know that she doesn't think twice before pulling on a red dress and some killer shoes--it's all about bravery! Little bit of bling, but nothing too loud...a Gryffindor knows how to be the center of attention without having to flash the rhinestones too heavily (though there are some, lions just want to have fun!)


For the Ravenclaw in your life, an outfit to wear when you're headed down to spend the day working on a paper in the local coffee shop. Mostly comfortable, but with some classically lovely accessories--you may be understated, but there's no doubt that a Ravenclaw is well put together.


For a Hufflepuff, a lot of fun and a little bit of quirk. Since Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders, I think they'd be able to find some cute thrifty finds...and they're so loyal, they'd probably even share! (If you don't get this reference, you should be watching A Very Potter Musical Right Now. Actually, you can wait until you finish the post, but after that, go!)


For the Slytherin side, a fierce professional who knows how to get what she wants. There's no reason to compromise when you look this good (and can I just say that I want this coat?), with some serpent touches to make sure you never forget the house you come from.

Which stylish house do you want to be sorted into?


  1. Damn, they all look so snappy! I'd die of happiness to pull the coat from Slytherin and the hat and blouse from Huffle. <3
    Nice job!

  2. Awesome. I was hoping for the snakeskin in slytherin :)

  3. Love it. :)
    Ravenclaw all the way.


    I always wanted Gryffindor. But I allllways get Hufflepuff, so I am a Hufflepuff indeed!

    Jen has always been a Ravenclaw!

  5. @Claire Thanks! Definitely time for some interhouse bonding ;)

    @Meri Can't go without it!

    @Julie Totally

    @Angela I'm a Slytherin myself, though I secretly want ALL of these outfits :D

  6. I'm a Ravenclaw, all the way. The clothes you picked out for me and my ilk are so stylish! I'd have to steal a page out of Slytherin's book and wear those fierce boots and chic coat, though.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. I love this post! I'm definitely Gryfindor!



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