new year's eve: night of a thousand cocktail dresses

It's (almost) New Year's Eve! That means, for many people, parties, champagne, and disappointment! Not to be a downer, but have you ever noticed that NYE never seems to live up to being the amazing night you planned on? (Obviously I'm not the only one, since How I Met Your Mother did a whole episode on the phenomenon.) Of course, that could also have to do with my plans...I've never gone out on NYE. I usually hang out at home with my family, play a board game, eat some snacks, and watch the ball drop in New York. There's not a lot to go wrong, but it's not actually that different from most weekend nights at my house. Still, ringing in the New Year is always sort of profound; it's another step in your life, and a kind of fresh start.

I sort of already did the schmoopy "my life" thing, but these are my goals for the new year:

  • Be a little bit fabulous every day (and very fabulous as many days as possible)
  • Read more for pleasure
  • Do something creative every day (blog/draw/write/craft/create)
  • Submit a story for publication

  • And, by this time next year, I hope to:

  • Have a job (even if it's retail)
  • Have an apartment
  • Have great new friends (both online and off) to share NYE with ♥

  • Okay, enough of that, how about some dresses?

    a very neon new year's eve

    Zowie! NYE is a night that people really go all out to have a good time. Unlike a lot of holidays, this is one you're just as likely to be spending with friends as family, which might give you some more freedom in your color choices. Go bright, go bold, go big, and pair your peacocky dress with a pair of matching or contrasting pumps--just make sure you can walk in them even after a full night of celebrating!

    a classy affair

    If you're attending a more staid event, there's nothing that can beat an elegant dress in black, gray, or nude. These dresses bring the glamor and a little bit of the glitz without bringing the noise. Jazz up an understated frock with some statement jewelry; when your dress is understated, you have a lot of freedom in the bling department.

    only on nye...

    NYE is a little bit kooky, so embrace it! Take the chance to pick up an accessory that you don't think you could pull off in "real life" -- and spend the night absolutely bringing it. I obviously have an eye for crazy hats, but it could be anything. That peacock thing in the set is a pair of false eyelashes. How cool is that?

    What kind of goals/resolutions are you setting for the new year? Are you going to be rocking it in neon or going more classic this NYE? I'm dressing up even though I'm not even leaving my house! Any excuse works for me!

    It's been awesome meeting all of you this year, and I hope I'll get to see more of you in the year to come! Have a safe and happy NYE -- see you in 2011!


    1. I adore EVERYTHING in that neon NYE set, omg.

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