note: those magic ch-ch-changes

There are some nifty things afoot at Fickle Kitsch! First off, there is now a lovely header that was not made by me in MS Paint! So thanks a million to L for the great new blogtopper ♥

And, if you glance over at the sidebar~, you'll notice a few new things. Most exciting is the Ask Box! I love taking requests and answering questions, so if you've got a fashion query or a makeup conundrum (or just any old question), please ask away! I already have a post answering my first question marinating away in my brain! I've been considering doing a Halloween costume series as that marvelous holiday approaches, so any costume-related questions would be welcomed!

If you look a little further down in the sidebar, you'll see three (count 'em!) shiny new buttons! There's one for my twitter, one for my tumblr, and one to help you follow me on bloglovin!

Pretty nifty, huh?


  1. Love the new features - very nice! I'm in the process of having my blog design redone (by someone else). I'm so excited and nervous to see how it comes out!

    Visiting from Hump Day Hop!

  2. new to your blog. nice layout!

  3. @Serene Thanks! I'm a big fan too :)

    @Charlene Good luck with your redesign! Someday I'll do a full overhaul, but for now I'm pretty happy with it :)

    @Yong Hey, thanks!



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