i bought it (sort of): tattoo socks

Sometimes (blog) dreams really do come true! You might remember that way back in July, I did a post about all the socks that I've been lusting after. Included in that post were the utterly dreamy tattoo socks of post on Etsy. Lo and behold, the fabulous Sparrow (who also got a mention in that post. She's a wearer of stripey socks, a player of Zelda, and also one of my roommates) got a pair for me for my birthday, because she's amazing! That means that I get to review them for you!

First off, I love them just as much in person as I did on my screen. Actually, I love them even more, because I get to put them on my body and I can't do that with a picture on the internet. In order to combine both worlds: here is a picture of them on my body on the internet:

Now featuring images not taken by me in a bathroom mirror! Thanks, Sparrow, you're totally the star of this post.

She got them for me in ultra pale, which, hey, is pretty much my natural color, whodathunk it? The pair she got for herself is the same shade, and way too white from her California legs, but she expects to get back to that level of paleness during our Wisconsin winter. They're packaged as L/XL, and I'd say they're true to size (I wear a 14/16, for reference). They were pretty tight all-around the first time I put them on, but they're definitely a comfortable size now. As you can see, the "tattoo" stretches along the entire length of my calf, which I definitely appreciate.

They also just happen to be the same pattern as a pair of heels I have long coveted:

Pretty Peacock Pumps from Plasticland (I've seen the same ones on Modcloth as well)

Ahh, to wear them together...one of my dearest dreams. Overall, I would give the tattoo socks a resounding YEA! if I was part of the Continental Congress and we were debating tattoo socks. In any other situation, I say: they rock!


  1. Hey, nice body on the Internet!
    I think those shoes are destined to become yours now. Perhaps peacock feather earrings to follow...?

  2. Ufta, those socks are looking beautiful on you, doll!
    Nice review post. :)

  3. These are perfection! I was recently searching ModCloth for bird/feather-themed clothes and accessories for a potential Halloween costume idea. I'm absolutely addicted to ModCloth, though I've sadly yet to make a purchase because I need to stop spending clothes on money. Until I get birthday money. Which will be ridiculously soon. And then, look out...


  4. @Sara Why thank you, ma'am! I could definitely put together a peacock outfit *___*

    @Claire Thanks bb!

    @Cassie ModCloth has such beautiful things! I wish I had unlimited money to spend there.

  5. Me, too! And I just realized I wrote that I need to stop spending "clothes on money." That no makey sense.



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