the right stuff: wedding wear for the single gal

I love weddings. Love them. There is a deep passion in my soul that can only be ignited for those frothy confections of white. Some of it obviously has to do with cultural expectations and programming, but it also has to do with two things: pretty and happy. A bride is radiantly beautiful not only because she spent thousands of dollars (in many cases) on dress, undergarments, accessories, hair, and makeup, but because she's just so happy. She's having one of the best parties of her life, who wouldn't be smiling? It's not "cool" for a single girl to be obsessed with weddings; I don't know how to explain to a potential suitor that it's not that I want to get married now...I just like to look! And who wouldn't want a little bit of that ol' bridal glow in their everyday life? Since walking down the street in a wedding gown would probably get tiresome, expensive, and sweaty, I've been considering ways to work a little bit of wedding fun into your everyday style.

Bridal Bodices

The easy way to imagine a wedding inspiration is to think "white." That's definitely valid, but a bit limiting. Try to consider shapes as well as color--the fitted bodice, especially strapless, is very popular right now. Look for ruching, interesting straps and details that might call to mind popular gown styles without taking it too literally. Any of these worn with black jeans would be adorable!

White Line Up

Alternately, go ahead and take it literally! A white dress can be a fun fashion statement. To keep it from looking too "bridal" (or really, too boring), pair it with some brighter jewelry and sassy shoes, maybe a brightly colored cardigan. Or, keep it simple and clean with a pair of pale flats and some pearls (or beads, for those of us who can't go out and pick up a string of pearls). I'm usually all about dark and rich colors, but there is definitely something enchanting about neat white lines. It makes me think of laundry; not in a "ugh, I have to do laundry" way, in a nice white clothes on a clothesline against a clear blue sky in a backyard in Sweden (or wherever air is fresh and cool and delicious).

You can also draw inspiration from the soft beauty makeup often favored by brides, and also put pretty things in your hair (flowers, bows, feathers, fascinators, maybe a tiny veil!). A little glamor never hurts and always helps!

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  1. If I ever get married I want to wear the dress Stephanie Seymour wears in the video for Guns N Roses' 'November Rain'.



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