friday fix

This Friday is a particularly fabulous one, because I'm at home! That's right, it's midterm break around these parts, and I've got the whole week to hang out with my family, make use of a fully stocked kitchen, and watch plenty of TV. So for today, I'm making my Friday fix a little bit more personal. Stylish things that are making me happy this Friday:

My superglam baby sister

Can't include a pic because...I haven't asked her, and that would be creepy. But how many teens decide to get a little black cocktail dress for Homecoming in order to build their future wardrobe? See, we're definitely related. And I can show you this:

Okay, so this is a picture Google gave me, but it looks just like it!

If there's ever a day that a girl deserves to win a Sephora box in a raffle, it's her 18th birthday! ♥ to the ultrafab j!

The previously mentioned j checked out two of Nina Garcia's books from the library, and I'm checking out The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Ever Stylish Woman Must Own. So far, I really like it! I'll probably post a little book review when I'm done.

The color I'm going to dye my hair! ...well, not exactly, but that's my inspiration color. I'm planning to do my usual red ("Paint the Town" from Herbal Essence's Color Me Vibrant line) and then add some Manic Panic (probably "Flaming") on top for Halloween. We'll see how it goes! Hopefully it'll be fab and not a mess. (I love that eye makeup too...note to self: experiment with glitter)

Awww yiss...oh noooo

Okay, so that's not really stylish, but the badge is pretty adorable, right? I am participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, or "November" for you non-insane folks) again this year! Maybe this will be the year I finally win! Feel free to friend me over there, and we'll push each other to the win! (I might make outfit posts for characters. Just saying.)

Have a great weekend, and stay fickle!


  1. Man, this year's NaNo badge is adorable!
    Glad you're happy and home. <3

  2. I'm doing NaNo too! And planning a style diary to continue testing my theory about writers vs. pants -

    Do I smell a guest post opportunity?

  3. @Claire Isn't it! I couldn't resist the typewriter <3

    @ohemgillie Awesome! It's true; we writers have...interesting style choices! Guest posting would be fabulous, shoot me an e-mail! (Or a message on 20SB whatever is easy)



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