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My semester is officially over! I survived my finals, I survived the snow, and I survived about 48 full (nonconsecutive though just barely) hours of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I might have to post about it, just because it's so at the forefront of my mind--there are a lot of hilariously 90s outfits on that show.

But today, I'm relaxing at home and introducing a fun new blog feature. fashionably artistic celebrates the combination of two different kinds of pretty things: clothes and art. (Art, of course, is not necessarily pretty, but my favorite kind usually is!) There are gorgeous outfits throughout art, but art is also an awesome way to fantasize. You can create an outfit you're wishing for, unrestrained by what you've seen or what's actually possible. I enjoy doodling cute things, exploring the sort of styles and shapes that I might like to try out.

Though I plan to show the works of professional artists (and maybe even famous ones) in the future, today I have a lovely piece done by my very own friend, roomie, fellow Buffy watcher, and tights-provider, Sparrow.

Click to enlarge

She asked me to design an outfit for her to draw from, but in drawing it, she really made it her own. It makes me want a skirt like that more than looking at one in a picture ever did. That's my other favorite part of art fashion (fashion art?): the inspiration. I see this foxy illustrated lady, and I want to be as sassy (and holiday appropriate!) as she is!

Thank you to Sparrow for kicking us off--if you enjoy her art, she and I will be launching a web comic in the spring. It's called Faire Play, and will be about the adventures of a renaissance faire troupe.

If you'd like to draw some pretty clothes for me, please e-mail (or tweet) me and we'll figure something out. I'd love to have you!


  1. congrats to Sparrow for being a fabulous artist! I am lusting after that skirt for quite a few Christmas/holiday parties this winter break! Congratulations on conquering finals - there's no better feeling :)
    Thanks for sharing, this should be a fun feature!

  2. Way to conquer your finals! And you have a very cool blog, my friend =)


  3. Ooo, I love this idea!!! I am an artist and a fashion lover, so I completely agree with you. To me, almost everything I see is art. Especially clothing, jewelry, make-up and make believe!

  4. Oh awesome - AWESOME web comic idea! I am also planning on starting one. Not sure when. Isn't it exciting?!

  5. @Katrina She's great! I want it would be both holiday-appropriate and super fun for year round!

    @Chunky Knubby Navel Thank you! I got off pretty lucky this year with mostly final papers but still, yikes.

    @Angela Art means so many great things to people, and it's fun to combine it with everyday things that most people might not think of as "artistic." And thanks--we think it's going to be a lot of fun :D



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