note: trees and thoughts

I wrote up a post about my new purse (as I mentioned on twitter), and when I went to post it, Blogger glitched on me. Looking back on it, it turns out website failure did me a solid because that post was boring as all get out. Really, really boring.

Instead, I've been thinking about things I want out of life (always a good/scary thing to do). And, y'know, doing the Christmas thing.

Webcam quality -- yikes!

So I have trimmed the tree, and thought the thoughts. More on one of those this week (you'll never guess which!), and possibly some bloggy change-ups.

and just because I love my kitschens and my new purse is pretty sassy, here it is:

PS you should try this nifty Etsy taste test thing. It's pretty much the most magical thing I've seen in my whole life.


  1. Cute new purse and I love your picture. ^_^

  2. The cute purse is matched equally by the cute you. :D
    Here's hoping the dog gets a cute hat too.

  3. @Angela Thanks :D

    @Claire Haha, ty! Beau wouldn't wear a hat, but Julie has a matching one!



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