why i am a glasses girl

I got my first pair of glasses in fourth grade. It wasn't really a surprise--my dad wore glasses then, and my mom wore contacts (and glasses at night). In a few years, my sister would get glasses as well, and plenty of my classmates wore them. But things changed. As I got into high school, and even middle school, my peers started abandoning their glasses for contact lenses (especially the other girls.) I've always had really sensitive eyes (they've been known to tear up when other people are talking about eye stuff), so contacts never seemed like an option for me. By now, at this point in my life, I feel like I could probably learn to use contacts.

But guess what? I don't want them.

I love my glasses. I've had pairs I didn't love (the oversized brown ones that made me look like the world's tiniest dweeby professor come to mind), but I've always liked slipping them on in the mornings to start the day and setting them on the dresser at night when I'm ready to sleep. I love that I always have at least one accessory, no matter what. I love how they frame my face. I like that they cover up minor flaws in eyeshadow application! And yes, I think they make me look...not smarter, really, but bookish. I like looking bookish.

look alive, four eyes

I'm a huge fan of chunky black frames (obviously), but I also adore crazy vintage styles. Give me all the cat's eye, rhinestones, and horn-rims you've got! My goal is to go to the optometrist and get all my eye info so I can buy glasses online. There are places like Zenni Optical who offer frames starting at $6.95! (I have never purchased from Zenni, but it's been recommended to me by people in various communities.) For that price, I could have a different pair of glasses for every day of the week! And, of course, for the non-prescription glasses fan, there are plenty of vintage frames available on Etsy. I got the frames I have now my freshman year of college, and I still feel they're very me, but I'd love to inject some variety.

All too often on makeover shows, the makeover includes straightening lovely curly hair (hey!) and a pair of contact lenses (double hey!). Everyone's entitled to their own decisions, of course, and plenty of people far prefer contact lenses. I'm just sayin' -- give glasses a chance! It is totally possible to be glamorous with glasses. You can also do awesome eye makeup with glasses! To be honest, wearing my glasses when I'm all glammed up sort of makes me feel like I'm still keeping my sassy side alive. It's a little bit funky, and a lot of fun.

My sister and I think so, at least!

Also: I now have the Disqus comment system! It hid some of the old comment counts (they're still there if you click on the post), and I hope that it'll be helpful since I can actually reply directly to you! Hopefully an A+ improvement

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