fickle tips: glam your orthodontia

This question doesn't really apply to me anymore/I don't know if it applies to a lot of people in general, but how would you go about making trad. braces seem ~fashionable~ or at least easier to ignore/not notice? Makeup techniques? IDK!

Well, I would say the very first thing is to accept that unless you never open your mouth or speak behind a fan (which I would totally support), there's no way to keep people from noticing you have braces. Some things just have to be accepted! That said, you can definitely minimize the impact of your braces if that's the goal. First, if it's possible, go with clear bands next time you get them tightened. The colorful ones are a ton of fun, but if you want people to ignore your braces, you don't want to be drawing extra attention to your mouth. For that purpose, stick with nude/neutral lip colors.

Play up your eyes! The easiest way to minimize the impact of your mouth is to draw the eye upwards instead. Do something fun with your eye make-up, find fun glasses you like (if you, like many of us nerdy teens, have both glasses and braces), play with hair accessories!

1 & 2 via Forever21, 3 & 4 via JanineBasil, 5 & 6 via LovMely

There's no way to hide your braces, but you can definitely direct attention elsewhere. That said, more and more people have braces these days, from elementary school on up through adulthood. Odds are you won't be the only person around who has/had braces, so don't feel weird about them. In fact, I've found that people have a lot of (possibly morbid) fun in one-upping contests about the horrors of orthodontia. Own it. You can look cute with braces!

If you've got a fashion conundrum, a style question, or just want outfit ideas, drop it in my askbox and I'll do my best to help out!

Wow, it's been a while. I've been sick (and also lazy) so I need to get back into the groove. I do have some fun stuff in the works, some more homewares, some of that ever beloved kitsch, and probably some more advice/tips (as long as you keep asking me questions, that is!) Hello to some new followers! Don't forget that you can find all sorts of ways to follow me and Fickle Kitsch in the sidebar to make sure you always hear about updates and other cool stuff that just might be on the horizon!

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