my style: writer wear

NaNoWriMo is here! As this most stressful yet amazing month starts, I find myself contemplating what writers wear. You see, writing always feels like it ought to be glamorous. I'm sitting and pouring out my heart, crafting the most tear-jerkingly beautiful prose on an ancient typewriter with an ashtray full of half-smoked cigarettes still filling my tiny Parisian apartment with a haze of blue-gray smoke. As you can see, I generally imagine that I'm Christian in the frame story portions of Moulin Rouge, since in real life, I don't smoke, I hate typewriters, and I've never even been to Paris, TX. But the movies do give us this image of a beautiful tortured writer (as well as Ewan Macgregor in an undershirt and suspenders, hello) that I have the urge to aspire to.

writer wear

I'd like to be stylish, wearing pretty clothes worthy of my words. But Nanowrimo is about speed, sweat, and desperation, and I spend a good portion of it in t-shirts and sweatpants. Comfort is key for me when I want to write; if I'm worrying about my feet or trying to wriggle around getting comfortable, I'm not putting words on the screen. That's what's really important. So I'll have to save the outfits for the movie version of my life, or maybe my fantasy book tour.

Nanowrimo isn't even a day old right now--there's plenty of time to sign up and get started! If you're a writer, I definitely recommend it. There's nothing quite like gathering with your friends, the caffeinated substance of your choice, a big pile of candy, and just writing. The sound of fingers on keys fills the air, and you feel like you're really doing something. It never hurts to try!


  1. Love, adore, and covet that blue shirt in your fantasy spread. Ruffles + natural assets = bad idea, but that's why it's a fantasy spread.

    I got just dressed enough to be considered not-in-pajamas. In a weird way, it seems to be slowing everything else down. Maybe I really do feel as lazy and half-assed as I dressed?

    Tomorrow will be a relative dress-up day. Gotta look pretty while I stand in line, waiting to vote, right?

  2. Hahah I love this. I frequently write in PJs or an overbearingly large cardigan. Comfort > style when it comes to writing, especially for NaNoWriMo when speed is vital.

  3. I stick to whatever I'm wearing that day. Since I had a work meeting yesterday, it was shirt, tie, and slacks. Today is a day off, so it'll likely continue to be pajama pants and a t-shirt.

    Also, I think I'm probably one of the only WriMo-ers writing a decent chunk of the story by hand. Wanted to reconnect with how creative I used to be.



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