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I went to my very first bag sale today, and it was pretty much the best morning of forever. It was down at The Little Green Dress, the local vintage/thrift shop. I'd been there before, but hadn't found something that was perfectly me. But hey, with a $10 bag, I was sure I'd find something! Somehow, I had failed to grasp the true magic of a bag sale...I grabbed a dress from the clearance section that was priced at $12. Therefore, just by virtue of putting it in the bag, I was saving money. Anything else I put in that bag, I told myself with true shopper's economics, was free!

So I grabbed a dress and skirt that I tried and loved, then another dress and skirt for me, and a skirt for my friend because, hey, they fit in the bag! Might as well! The dress is...strange, and I'm pretty sure it was homemade to someone's very strange proportions, but I might try to cut it into a top. The other skirt is very cute; hopefully you'll be seeing them around here!

But the first dress, the one I loved, I wore today! We were going bowling, and in celebration of my first vintage dress (and for so cheap!), I decided to go with the spirit of the game and do a little 50s drag. I forgot to bring my camera and didn't get a picture of me in my bowling shoes but, trust me, it was pretty fab.

(I feel kind of ridic in this photo, but it was really bright out! The dress comes to a little bit below my knees, fyi)

Dress: thrifted vintage, tag says "Ilse M"

I'd really like to get a cute belt to wear with comes with one in the same fabric, but that's a little too matchy-matchy for me. A friend suggested I wear it as a headband, which I will probably do the next time I try this outfit! And I posted a little makeup preview on my twitter, so details for that: I did a take on the classic pin-up look with a creamy eye (UD Sellout on the lid with Nylon in the crease) and a winged liner (UD Zero). My initial instinct was obviously for a red lip, but since I had an almost-minty green, I went with my current standby for fabulous, MAC "Lickable."

What's your favorite sale experience? Are bag sales just as magical in the stores by you?

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