rain rain, go away

I thought it was supposed to be spring! But if April showers bring May flowers, this year is going to be a bumper crop! It's rained almost every day for weeks, with only one or two nice days to let us know that it actually is spring. It makes it hard to believe there's only two weeks left of school for me (forever!) -- are we sure it's not still March?

To be honest, I sort of like walking in the rain, though only if it's a nice subdued sort of drizzle, not the crazed windy downpours we've been getting. And having a nice umbrella is key--mine is a nasty old beast bearing my school logo that was (ahem) "borrowed" from a friend years ago that has been blown inside out a number of times. It has more failing spokes than working ones at this point. My sister showed off her new Van Gogh "Water Lilies" umbrella that she picked up at the Art Institute of Chicago, and I definitely got some umbrella lust.

rain or shine

rain or shine by ficklekitsch

There's nothing I love more than seeing a sea of brightly colored umbrellas out in the rain, so I tried to choose only colorful ones for this set--except the one with space on the underside because how cool is that!

Really, my rain gear is kind of pathetic. A crummy umbrella, no rain boots, and no rainproof jacket. If I'm going to be walking around on rainy days, I ought to get better prepared! It just never seems like as much of a deal as cold weather to prepare for.

What about you? Protected head-to-toe or just let it fall? What does your umbrella look like?

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