operation update: the plan

Hopefully most of you have picked up on the fact that I'm graduating in (ulp) two weeks. This means an awful lot of very exciting and moving and important things, but it also means this: I'm moving back home. For an indefinite period of time.

Our lives in the style of the always adorable Pear Pear on the chalkboard sticker (very cool!). Japanese courtesy of Kaitlin.

I've already started packing up most of my things from this year's apartment. It's sad, but to be honest, it was still student housing, and I was never really able to personalize it (all standard furniture, etc). My room at home is already pretty personalized, but it's definitely a young adult room. Not a young professional.

Obviously, it doesn't make sense to completely redo the room, when I'll (hopefully) be moving out within the year. But at the same time, I did decide that I wanted to live as close to my ideal at any given time -- no waiting for the perfect scenario allowed! So I'm planning on doing some tweaking and, with luck, will blog about it until my room is a (slightly) new place!

Things I Won't/Can't Change

  1. the color (I actually selected a, in my opinion, rather sophisticated pair of blues when my room was repainted in high school. Still love 'em!)
  2. the bed &
  3. the dresser &
  4. the nightstand (which are all part of a set that was bought for me when I was a wee one and is still really nice/stylish)
  5. existing window treatments (we put up blinds a few years ago, and they get the job done!)
  6. floor lamp (I love this lamp. Hopefully when I post pictures of my room as-is, you will love it too)

Things I Plan to Change

  1. bedding (I still have a Harry Potter bedding set on my bed. Go ahead. Laugh for a moment, then be jealous. Then we'll move on)
  2. desk (I don't have one! but I want one. I feel that's one of the key elements that will separate general teen "bedroom" into an adult's "mini-apartment inside your parents house" for me. Also, a place for my laptop to live when I do have a real apartment!)
  3. rug (maybe. I used to have one when I was younger, but it didn't fit the redo. Now I'm sort of hankering for one again to tie the room together. I might be watching too much "For Rent" on HGTV.com)
  4. furniture accessories (I have a vague notion to put drawer pulls on my dresser and nightstand. I'm feeling that might liven them up/make them feel "new" without much work or cost)
  5. bulletin boards (I have them. Three of them. They saved my room from being covered in posters, which I'm thankful for, but as fond as I am of them, they've gotta go if I want to update the room. Alternate solution: place one stylish poster in each of them and pretend they're wooden frames.)

That's my starting point. Any suggestions, folks who have done it before? Are any other graduates worried about making your "old" room a good space for the "new" you?

Also, happy May!

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