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I've been growing my nails out since middle school, and by now, they can get pretty darn long. I get a lot of questions about them, the most common being "Are those your real nails?" and the second most common being "How do you type?" The answers are: yes and quite quickly, thank you. But, much as I hate to admit it, they don't always look very well cared for, for one simple reason: I stink at painting nails.

When I was in high school, once a week my mom would paint my nails, usually while we were watching a movie. But then I went to college, and I felt silly asking someone to paint my nails for me. I can usually manage a half decent job on the left hand, but the right? Disaster area!

But the internet is a cruel temptress. I keep seeing these magical manicures popping up, just the right mix of glamorous and kitschy: right where I belong!

All images via Awesome Finds

I'm going to pick up some nail polish when I go out this afternoon, and hopefully I'll manage to figure a simple but attractive manicure I can do for myself for graduation. My current plan is polka dots!

Any manicure tips? What's your favorite kitschy manicure? (A girl in my class did Pokeballs was pretty amazing!)

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