end of an era/spring cleaning

I went to my very last class today! For all intents and purposes...I'm done. I still have one bonus class (my professor was speaking at a conference and missed the last day), and two brief written finals to do, but I believe they can both be submitted electronically. So, really, I few a few strings left to tie off, but really? I'm done.

Today was also exciting because I won an award!

Yay! I've started wearing my "summer" lipglosses again, including this one (my favorite), Skipper, a "juicy coral"

I won a prose prize for one of my short stories, which I've been really proud of. So that was a great way to wrap up my career as a creative writing major!

Along with these exciting life changes, there are also going to be some changes going on right here at Fickle Kitsch (gasp!). I've been wanting to fiddle with some things, give the blog a bit of a new look, for a while, and it seems like as good a time as any. I have less on my plate academically, and it does sort of feel poetic, doesn't it?

This announcement is sort of twofold in purpose: first, don't be alarmed/disgusted if you check the site and things are looking a bit squiffy! I'm going to be fiddling with HTML (always a dangerous prospect), but everything will get set aright eventually.

Secondly, I want your opinions! What do you want to see (design-wise, or content-wise)? Any thoughts/ideas/criticisms? Lay 'em on me! It's much appreciated ♥

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