saturday sweets: martha stewart's cupcakes

Weekends are always the hardest days for me to actually get my rear in gear and put a post together. So I've decided to try to put up something sweet and delicious on Saturdays, just to start the weekend off right.

One of the definite upsides of being home: book presents! You see, my mom works in a library (but is not a librarian! Even though she does pretty much exactly the same thing as any librarian! Oh the wacky adventures of my family!), and as such, gets first dibs on the books that have been donated/decommissioned for the book sale room. Score!

It also means she checks out books that I might find when she presented me with a copy of Martha Stewart's Cupcakes yesterday, I thought it must be from the library's collection. Surely such a fabulous book in excellent condition was still in circulation! But when I sat down to flip through, I saw the tell-tale blacked out code: the book was mine!

Available on Amazon for $14.69

I've only taken a cursory tour through the recipes, but I already have a list of delicious tiny cakes I can't wait to try! I know that cupcakes are both ultra-trendy and ultra-passe at the moment, but I still love them. I have a ridiculous sweet tooth, so a hefty helping of frosting is a plus for me! But the fact never changes that they're personal-sized cakes. It makes it really easy to try a variety of flavors, decoration options, and techniques. Plus, you can eat a lot of them without feeling guilty!

The two that immediately got a "gotta try it" from me were the rhubarb cupcakes (we're huge rhubarb fans in my house, and sometimes we're able to bake with what grows in our backyard!) and the tiramisu cupcakes (tiramisu is basically my sister an I's signature dessert -- anytime we're out to dinner together and it's on the menu, we have to get a piece!) And those are just in the first section! I picked the recipe that had the least ingredients I didn't already have, so I'll be whipping up a batch of Chocolate Malted Cupcakes sometime this weekend. I'll definitely keep you guys updated with my experiments, though, it's Martha: you know it's going to be good!

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