summer shopping list: shoes

My absolute favorite part of summer is driving around when it's warm and sunny out, listening to music. Usually I hate car trips, but when you have the windows down and the right song (preferably something frothy and substanceless and great to sing along to) comes on? There's nothing like it, and nothing else says summer more clearly to me.

Of course, summer is also the time for wardrobe metamorphosis, as we all emerge from the woolly cocoons of sweaters and peacoats and become beautiful, colorful butterflies again. Shed your layers! Forget every bland piece of clothing you had to wear to keep your arms from falling off (or is that just me?)! Summer fashion is sort of a strange thing to me. Things seem to simultaneously chic up and scrub up. There are tons of cute summer clothes, but a lot of them are ultra casual. I don't really have a grand point here, just an observation!

So, after that tangent, shoes!

flirty footwear

yeah, I always wanted to make a circle of shoes like this!

Summer shoes are kind of the greatest shoes. I like a pair of cheery flats that I can just slip on as I leave the house, and slip off whenever I choose...if I find a sprinkler to run through or something unexpectedly, who knows! All sorts of crazy stuff happens in the summer! I don't usually want to bother with heels on the average summer day, but I'm not really much of a flipflop/sandal person. A really cute sandal might catch my attention, but for the most part, I'm interested in flats with some kind of cute decoration. Nothing too heavy or sparkly. Summer for me is all about the flowers and bows and polka dots and even some sassy nautical stripes. I know that "nautical" is the hot trend for pretty much every summer ever, but I never get sick of it.

Right now, I just have a pair of gray sneaker-style polka dot flats that I wear...pretty much every day. Which puts cute flats right up at the tip-top of my summer shopping list! Next time: accessories!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! We're firing up the grill tonight and Monday night for a good ol' USA grillathon. What are you folks up to over the long weekend?

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