operation update: bumps (and deskspiration!)

Now that I'm home, the plan to update my room seems...both more and less possible than from afar. I feel vindicated that all the things I remember as being pretty cool about it are, in fact, still pretty cool! I feel excited to get a little HGTV with it and carve out my own space! I feel somewhat defeated because my room is filled with stuff.

Yes, gentle readers, I completely forgot the most obvious fact: having just moved my entire life from one place to another, my room is filled with boxes, bags, suitcases, and everything else that was at school with me. It should be easy enough, right? Just put it all away! But aye, there's the rub; my lovely double closet? Is filled with enough junk to choke a dragon. It was never really properly cleaned out before I went to school and in the last four years has become a receptacle for everything I don't feel like dealing with. I have to clear out the closet before I can clear out the room before I can redo the room.

Yikes. That sounds like a lot of work for one little redecoration! But luckily, I have my inspiration to keep me going. I've been trying to save the great rooms I come across on Pinterest, which is a really nifty online pinboard site. Lately, I've been gravitating towards desks, which makes sense, since that's the major element of my update that I don't have!

Clipboards! I remember first seeing this organizational trick on Saucy Dwellings ages ago, and I still adore it. What a stylish and easy way to keep everything you need right where you need it!

This gorgeous and airy double-desk space is bigger than anything I can manage now, but doesn't it look like the greatest place to work? In a dream world, I would have a desk like this, with one half for my computer/writing and the other half for crafting!

A lovely desk with inspiration board. I have my inspiration almost entirely online (and even in board form, thanks to Pinterest!), but there's something wonderfully romantic about a physical representation of your inspiration. Maybe I need to start printing things or reading more magazines! I do have all those bulletin boards without a purpose...

You can see more of my room inspiration and the sources for all these pictures on my Room Inspiration board. If you're on Pinterest, let me know so I can creep on your boards as well!

Also, I'm getting close to two groovy milestones (for me): 100 posts and 25 followers! I've been thinking about doing a giveaway once I reach one of them, though I haven't decided which. Thoughts?

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