fabulous while infected: confronting illness with style

Folks, I started working on this post last week, and began it with "I'm just getting over a cold!" And let me tell you, this is one beast of a cold, because I'm still getting over it. More tragically, I am still in a slump. One of the worst things about being sick is the misery that comes along with it doesn't really stop once you get better (if you ever get better *cough cough*). All of a sudden, putting on some mascara seems like a monumental task. "Jeans and a hoodie? Yeah, sure, okay. Whatever." Curling up under a blanket on the couch is so much more fun than running a comb through your hair.

I wish I had had the energy/foresight to try to bring a little bit of fabulosity into my life, even while I was sick. And so I am making this post, for my own benefit as well as the benefit of every sick fashionista.

Beckoning Creatures Kimono-style Robe by plumprettysugar | Blossoms Floral and Lace Wrap Robe from Apt 9 | Wild Tigress Kimono from Pajamagram | Satin Heart Robe and Chemise by Apt 9

I am at this very moment, in fact, wearing a robe. It's my Cruella deVil robe, literally: dalmation-print terrycloth that I've had forever. But I feel cozy as well as pretty sassy, and comfort always has to be at the forefront of your needs when you're sick. A fun robe can brighten your spirits while still allowing you to be lazy and comfortable. You could be a Disney villain like myself, or a Jedi warrior, clad in a bathrobe, kimono, or a housecoat. So long as it helps you stay in high spirits!

On the same theme of brightening up your immediate surroundings while still being comfortable, get a fun blanket. I have a teal/black fleece that I practically lived under through my convalescence. One of the best parts: fleece blankets are incredibly easy to make yourself, with minimal sewing or no-sew! So find a pattern that speaks to you (hearts or cheetah print or Disney characters -- even if it's this one, I promise not to make fun) and whip up your own personalized and ultra-fab sick-day blanket.

This isn't technically in the realm of fashion but it's a well-known fact that hot drinks make everything better. My roommates, bless their hearts, cared for me most sweetly with cups of cocoa while I was sick, and having a perfect mug (fits well in your hands for optimum warming, large enough for a sizeable quantity of tea or cocoa, and ideally cute as a button) helps a lot.

And, if you have a lovely parent, friend, or paramour who would do a load of laundry for you -- do it! Warm clothes are always lovely, but the real treat is a never-worn shirt that's been waiting for you. Nothing fresher or cooler for an overheated sick body.

I'm on break right now, so I'm planning to use this time to recharge my batteries and be full-fab again for the last few months of my college career! What do you do to get back on the horse when you've been sick for a while?

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