fickle tips: yellow for blondes

Because I'm a blonde I feel like I should avoid yellow shirts because I'm under the impression that wearing a yellow shirt would make my hair kind of blend in with the shirt and make me look like a blob of yellow. Can blondes rock yellow/am I just being silly? Or is it better to just avoid light yellow/tan shirts, but go for *bright* yellow.

Yellow can be a tricky color because it's so strong. I feel that more than hair color, one has to consider skin tone when picking out colors. For example, "nudes"/beiges tend to look bad on me because I'm pale with pink undertones, so they either wash me out or make my complexion look very ruddy. But the awesome thing about colors, like yellow, is that there's a tone out there for everybody.

Personally, I don't spend a lot of time reading up on the "color theory" of fashion--I prefer to just use trial and error to see what works. And I do think that skin tone is the deciding factor; I don't feel that any of the clothes I bought and wore when I was blonde are particularly unflattering now that I'm a redhead, although they definitely do pick up different tones.

In my experience as a pale-pinky-skinned blonde, the best yellows for me were either on the pastel side or on the warmer/slightly orangeish side. As an example, here's Michelle Williams looking absolutely stunning in a canary-colored gown:

Photo courtesy of Buzznet

Ice (or "bleached") blondes, I feel, can more often pull off the cooler toned yellows than those with more golden blonde hair.

Another option, if you just can't find a yellow that's perfect but don't want to give up on it, is to go with a yellow pattern instead of an all-over color.

Evelyn Dress in Yellow and Black by Pinup Couture

The white and black breaks up the yellow, making it a more manageable color on any skin tone or with any hair color. You could also consider breaking up yellow pieces in other ways, such as a vest or a cardigan over a yellow top.

And, in the end, I've always been a big believer in wearing what you want to wear. Even if it's not your "best color," if you love yellow, wear it, rock it, and, as Tim Gunn might say...

Image from epitomeofperfection

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