night of a thousand stars: the day after

I had a great time tweeting the Oscars last was my first "live blog" of any kind! Like I said in my last post, my roommates and I decided to dress up to watch, so I have a few pictures of our various versions of "glam." Claire bought suspenders and rocked the crossdressing that I've talked about before (in the interest of full credit-claiming, the tie and dress shirt she's wearing are both mine. Well, the tie is my dad's, but he gave it to my capable keeping, Sparrow got all colorful, and Kaitlin (who I have an exciting new project with...) and I both went with a classic little black dress. You can't tell in these pics, but Kaitlin's dress has some great embellishment on the shoulders, and I'm wearing my fabulous new blue suede peeptoe pumps.

The first thing I thought when I saw these pictures was I look like Godzilla, and the next thing was good. I love my heels, especially because I'm tall. People say tall girls should wear flats, hunch over, do whatever they can to take up less space. But I'm not going to compromise; I'm going to wear heels because I may be doing it up glam style, but my femininity is not for you. I do it for myself. And I think everyone should wear what they want to wear, what makes them feel great on their own terms.

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