night of a thousand stars

It's Oscar night! When I was younger, I would always beg to be allowed to stay up to see Best Picture awarded...I was always sent to bed anyway, so now watching the Oscars is as much a point of "I'm grown-up!" rebellion as anything else, but I do love the glamor (and the neat performances and such peppered through the show)

That's basically a long way to say that I will be live-tweeting the show from right here on the couch from my very very glamorous Pretty Clothes and Chinese Takeout party. It won't be an exhaustive recap by any means, but come follow along and chat with me if you're watching the pretty dresses and pretty people too!

An Oscar party is one of the easiest parties to throw -- the main event is being thrown for you! And I always love an excuse to glam it up on a night I usually wouldn't, like a Sunday. Now, I'm just getting together with my roommates and a friend or two, but if I were having a "real" party, I would probably set up a little photobooth (gotta walk the carpet!) and have champagne (or some sparkling cider!) ready to toast to our favorite films and stars.

Plus, Francaway!

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