lipstick monday

I tweeted about Lipstick Monday this past Monday (surprise), and it was only afterward that I realized I hadn't actually mentioned doing it (or what I even meant) prior to then. Hence, a post was required!

"Lipstick Monday" is fairly self-explanatory: wear lipstick on Monday. It fulfills part of my New Year's "resolutions" this year: to Be a little bit fabulous every day (and very fabulous as many days as possible), which obviously grew out of my decision to stop waiting for a "beautiful life" and go out and live one. I took stock of the world around me and after hours of long deliberation, I realized two truths:

1. Mondays are not very glam.
2. Lipstick is very glam.

It was then that I realized these things must be combined! (Actually, I turned to my roommate and, apropos of nothing, said "Lipstick Monday! It's going to be a thing!" just like Barney from How I Met Your Mother.) I don't usually wear lipstick proper to class; it can be difficult to keep it fresh over a long day of academia and, really, I worry about "pulling it off." But that's a ridiculous thing to worry about. I quash way too many ideas because I think maybe I can't pull it off...this particular lipstick is one of those. I was seduced by it at a MAC counter, and it was the very first (and still the only) MAC product that I own. It has a special place in my heart, but for the most part, it just takes up space in my little vanity set-up. I'm braver about red, marginally, because red can be retro. Lots of glam people make a promise to themselves to wear more red lipstick. But bright pink? Purple? Who's championing them?

Lipstick Monday champions them, because any color works. The point isn't which one I (or you, if you want to do it with me) choose--it's that I chose to slather it on and take a chance. Maybe my classmates (who, for the most part, are clad in hoodies and ripped jeans) think it's ridiculous to wear lipstick during the day...who cares? If I think it looks awesome, then it's awesome. So I wore hot pink lipstick to class, and I did feel fabulous.

Reposted from my twitter | Wearing MAC "Kissable"

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