operation update: before (or "neutral")

This weekend was a big project weekend in my house! My parents repainted our bathroom, ferns and hostas were planted in the yard, and I whipped my room into shape! It would a bit of a misnomer to say it's "clean" because there's still an intense dusting to be done, but everything is much tidier than it's been in years (considering the state of my closet).

I wanted to show you some before pictures of my room, but I didn't take any actual befores because I still want you to like and respect me. So I waited until all the clutter was tucked away to take pictures of what I like to consider "neutral" mode. Everything is stripped to the bare necessities, mostly because my grandparents will be staying in my room during their visit. But that means that everything is ready to be maneuvered...that's right, Operation Update is going to actually start occurring after they leave next week! So here's the lowdown on what my room looks like now, in its neutral state.

The view from the door. Yes, I know, my Hello Kitty mirror is pretty fabulous.

From the opposite corner. Here are my wonderfully high school bulletin boards in all their glory. The fan + crate are obviously getting axed as soon as it gets cooler/hot enough to turn on the air conditioning.

And from the corner I just pictured! My closet and the nightstand, which is off adrift. I've been using that blue crate as a nightstand of sorts, but I think it's time for the bed and nightstand to get over their differences and come back together.

Here are some detail shots:

The nightstand, current home to my jewelry and a bunch of oversized books.

My bookcase, featuring most of the books I took to school with me, a few extras, and a drumstick I caught at Summerfest last year. Good times. It's a really dark piece of furniture (obviously, it's black), but I don't know if it's worth a repaint job just yet. I'm planning to get some decals to stick on the sides to tie it in more with the bedding.

Dresser, so stripped down that I barely even recognize it (and ugh, so dusty! Sorry!). I made a little nest for my cosmetics under the mirror, but I would really like to get some kind of cute vanity tray for them. I was using a decorative mail tray at school, but I think that'll have to migrate to my desk (if I ever find it in all my boxes!)

And the chair. Oh, chair. It's a nice chair, really, perfectly sittable, but...it's wicker. Painted wicker. So far from my aesthetic that it's kind of shocking. Most of the time this chair is a depository for laundry, which is all the more reason to get rid of it...I don't need more excuses for making a mess! So once the grandparents go home, that chair is going to have to find a new home (possibly on the porch, possibly in the basement) and give up its space so my wonderful desk can fit.

Sorry for subjecting you all to my dust; I just knew that if I didn't take pictures now, I would completely forget.

Do you have any thoughts/suggestions? Now is the time for me to start some serious planning!

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