summer shopping list: accessories

Last time I talked about shoes and promised to take a look at some accessories. I actually lived up to my own plans (for once) and purchased some new jewelry...although that hasn't kept me from drooling over more summery pieces in the days that followed!

I always feel a bit at a loss for accessories when I'm putting an outfit together. They can really make a look, but I tend to put my money into the actual clothes. Why buy a necklace when I could get a skirt? Well, because it'll make multiple outfits even awesomer, that's why! Summer time is a good time for me to buy accessories, because I spend a lot of it in the same tanktops and shorts. The thing that's great about summer jewelery, to me, is that the whole span, from glam to kitsch, can really work. I gravitate towards light colors, cute little miniatures, and plenty of silver. While I was out on the town, I got myself a few new shinies:

Sorry for the webcam pics! My camera is out of batteries and these were already on my computer...

The lovely leaf headband is from Kohl's. It's already made a debut at the wedding I went to on a whim this weekend, and I got quite a few compliments! I love it because it's the first headband I've found (let alone a metal one) that I can actually wear without pain; if you recall, I have a big head, and most headbands squeeze tightly enough that I end up with a headache after half an hour of wear. I picked up the necklace and ring at a consignment store that, sadly, mostly stocked junior's sizes, so there were no clothes for me. But jewelry is much more forgiving! I also wore the wing necklace to the wedding; I've been in the market for one forever, but was always shy to buy one that wasn't "perfect." Lo and behold, I found one that was pretty much perfect and only $3! The cameo ring I gravitated toward immediately. Statement rings are totally in right now, and, much more relevantly, I am kind of obsessed with them. I love cameos, and the fancy silver gives it a little bit of a sassy boost.

But enough about the things I already own! What is a style blog if not a place to lust over things you do not yet have? I took a browse of "summer" on Etsy and pinned a few of my favorites.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Little birds, cliche as they are, are always adorable. There's something so light about this necklace.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Another big crazy ring! You know me. The only thing I love more than big crazy rings are those gorgeous rose cabochons. Speaking of...

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

This one is a bit pricier than the others, but look at it. It's incredibly gorgeous, and the colors say summer like nothing else.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Bookworm necklace! Lockets are so darling, and what could be better than a book-shaped locket? A book-shaped locket with a teeny-tiny pair of glasses on it!

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Okay, this is really the Etsy store that captured my heart from this search. The Snocone earrings were my favorite summer pick, but it's a shop full of tiny little fake food jewelry! If you hadn't guessed, tiny things make me coo. Literally. You don't want to know the sounds I made over the tiny little desserts at the wedding.

How do you show your summer style with your accessories? (And what do you think of using the Pinterest embeds? It's a little easier for me because they do all the coding!)

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