summer inspiration: the vespa

As I was driving home from my temp job today...well, my dad was driving. I don't have a car yet, due to lack of employment, and that's actually relevant to this post. We were cruising along with the windows down, hair blowing in the breeze, and my dad remarked, "Maybe you should get a little scooter."

I can't believe I didn't think of it while I was talking about summer daydreams in the last post, but somehow it did! And it's probably a good thing, because it's deserving of a post all its own. My ultimate summer fantasy? A Vespa!

This is pretty much my goal.

Zipping through the streets with nary a care in the world, wearing a pair of colorful pumps, a totally adorable mod helmet, and an appropriately foofy skirt (with bike shorts, of course). (The handsome gentleman on the back would be nice, but not mandatory.) Scooters are incredibly tempting to me. The gas mileage is incredible, the cost isn't too bad (especially when compared with a car!), and aren't they just the cutest darn things? You don't even need a motorcycle license to drive one (at least in Wisconsin)! I could buy my Vespa and be on the road in a jiffy, darting into town for some groceries or over to the library. Plus, it's super fun to say! Vessspa!

Of course, a scooter is only really practical in a city or small town (they aren't highway legal in Wisconsin, since your average model doesn't get over 50MPH), and only in one without snow. It would be pretty much impossible to safely navigate a scooter on our icy roads, and if you're going to need a car for more than half the year anyway, it makes more sense to just get one of those. My dad quickly took back his musing anyway when we passed a fender bender.

But a girl can dream!

Via VespaUSA

Have a safe & happy long weekend! Enjoy the fireworks/grill-outs/treats/sun/extra sleep ♥

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