baby's first giveaway (and socks!)

I mentioned it before on twitter, I believe, but this Tuesday was a very special day: my first bloggiversary! I had planned to post on the actual day, of course, but I've been temping full-time this week and haven't had much time for blogging. But I'll be done with my placement next week and hopefully I'll learn to work and blog concurrently (since both of those are things I will hopefully be doing much more often!)

Other exciting things: my Quidditch socks came! I'm going to the very last midnight premiere of the very last Harry Potter movie and I wouldn't dream of going in plainclothes. Disdainbrook and I will be there with bells on, as well as a pair of radish earrings for her and Quidditch goggles for me! (The two of us also have some Potterlicious posts coming up next week, so watch out for that.) I'm going dressed as a Quidditch player, and will be DIYing most of my costume. However, as we all know, a few accessories can make a look, so I splurged and got myself the aforementioned goggles and socks!

Just a webcam teaser, I'll have a full post up after the premiere next week! and excuse my pasty pasty legs

And speaking of might have noticed that I've been considering a giveaway for a while. As it happened, several of the milestones I had thought might be good giveaway opportunities (25 followers, 100 posts, 1 year) fell in the same week or two. I really appreciate my readers and followers, and anyone who made me feel like I was doing more than just shooting words into the vast digital void. One of my first posts was about the marvelous Sock Dreams, where I just bought my utterly magical Quidditch socks--and where I'd like to buy you a pair (or two) of socks!

Win a $20 gift card to Sock Dreams, to be spent on whatever glorious socks tickle your fancy!

To enter:
1. Be a follower of Fickle Kitsch
2. Comment on this entry with the pair of socks, tights, or sock accessories your heart most desires!
3. ???
4. Profit!

Comments will be accepted until noon CST on Wednesday, July 13th.
Because Sock Dreams was nice enough to link my giveaway, I'm extending the deadline to midnight CST tonight. There's still a chance to win!

Don't forget that Sock Dreams has free shipping on all US orders (free shipping that is, in my experience, crazy fast!) and is super groovy.

I'll select a winner through random number generation. Please feel free to spread the word/tell your friends...I would of course love for you to follow my twitter or Pinterest, but I'm keeping things simple for my first giveaway so there is just one entry per person. Following me elsewhere might make me love you a little more, but it won't affect your chances here!

This giveaway is 100% funded by me and is not sponsored by Sock Dreams

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