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Wow, time flies when you're not sitting around having fun all day! It's true, I've returned to the 9-to-5 world (well, the 8:30-to-4:30 world) and have totally fallen off the blogging wagon. Eventually I'll figure out how to balance my it is, as soon as I get home from work, my brain shuts off.

I had all those grand plans about doing a series of hostess-related posts leading up to my birthday, and lo and behold, it's tomorrow! And I only got one done. The best laid plans, etc etc. Don't worry, I've decided to make hosting a regular subject of the blog, so you'll get a chance to see all my party plans.

But today, I thought I would share a few of the things I've been lusting after (and pinning!). None of these will be among my presents, but I just might get a present or two for myself!

"And a bit alarming" by Claire Hummel, print available here

I really love this artist (you can find her tumblr right here: Shoomlah), and the thing I love most are her amazing historical Disney princess. Why? Things I love, a list: history, Disney. Belle is my very favorite princess and accordingly my favorite print. I would like to get a second one to have a pair, but I can't decide! Snow White is probably the best match colorwise, and Ariel is my next favorite after Belle but I'm not as fond of her dress. Which one would you get?

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Audrey Hepburn chalkboard! I am so charmed, this is amazing. I'm a huge Hepburn fan; she's almost a cliche of a style icon by now, but for good reason! She's fabulous. I would love to have this propped up on my desk. I would use chalk markers, though; chalk dust drives me absolutely batty.

The Chroma-logical Order Clock

Okay, I kind of hate clocks. It took me a really long time for me to figure out how to tell time as a child, and I still much prefer the ease of a digital display. Maybe that's why this clock thrills me. No numbers! Modcloth is selling this one for $61.99, but it's out of stock, so there's no reason to feel guilty about DIYing it!

"Murder Mystery" by Aled Lewis, print available here

All of the prints in this series are incredible, and I highly recommend you follow the link and check them out. But this one in particular speaks to me. I'm really loving the idea of little collection of art pieces (like over on Yellow Brick Home), so I think I might order a few prints and then go thrifting for some frames to make my own personal gallery.

Do you give yourself birthday presents once in a while, or is that just my terrible rationalization for buying things?

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