five little ways to sass up your day

Whether you work or not, it's easy for days to fall into a monotonous drone. Call them what you will, habit or rut, doing the same thing day after day after day can make life lose a little bit of that spark.

So mix it up! Here are five little things I do when I need to kickstart my life a bit.

one: part your hair differently
This sounds ridiculous, I know, but on Monday, I totally lost control, and parted my hair a few inches over from where I normally do. What a difference! It was like someone else's hair had attached itself to my head! Okay, not really, but I did get a different kind of body, and my little faux-bang locks lay in a new way that I kind of dug. I felt very sassy, like I had gotten a little change without ever having to yield to the ill-advised instinct to pick up that pair of scissors and just go for it.

two: paint your nails

Some of you probably paint your nails every day and think this is a ridiculous tip. But some of you probably haven't painted your nails in a long time and would greatly benefit from the simple pleasure of being surprised and faintly pleased every time you glimpse your own fingertips. Pick the sassiest color you have (mine are a kind of deep metallic teal right now) and spice up your life!

three: change up your jewelry
A lot of us have pieces of jewelry we wear every day, whether for personal meaning or plain old personal flair. Try switching it up. Wear a ring you only wear on special occasions, or use a favorite brooch as a hair accessory. The possibilities are endless!

four: cook (or bake, or order) something special

I made a pan-fried steak for dinner this week and you can bet my Wednesday felt a lot brighter than usual! Try a recipe you've had sitting in your digital recipe box for a while or make a cake in the middle of the week. If you're not a culinary type, order out from somewhere new. Adding a little special something to the week can help you feel refreshed. The above recipe has definitely caught my eye and, as a crock pot dish, shouldn't be too much effort to make on a week night.

five: start a project

When you're tired and feeling blah, starting something new feels like the last thing you want to do. But having a special project, something different can feel incredibly refreshing. It might be a new story, if you're the writerly type, or maybe a new craft. Myself, I decided that I want to start doing some paper crafting and it's all I can think of lately! I need to get myself an exacto knife, and then look out world--paper fun is coming your way!

What do you do when you're feeling blah about life? How do you mix it up?

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