bike chic

My little sister has now officially spent her first day at college. But before she moved in, there was one thing she needed to do: learn how to ride a bike. It's true, she never learned and though I learned, I never really got into riding. I didn't want to just watch her ride, however, so I asked my dad to bring my pink Huffy down from the workshop and pump up my tires too! I'll admit I was suspicious of the old saying, but it looks like you don't forget how--I didn't, at least! And, against all odds...I kind of want to do it again!

Of course, because it's still summer (for now!) and I'm definitely not in bike marathon shape (or bike most anywhere shape), I'll be wearing an oversized t-shirt and a pair of lazy day shorts when I go riding around my yard. But I have an idea of what I would rather wear:

bike chic

A light stripey dress paired with plenty of color. I love mixing and matching colored accessories, and I do so with a lot more bravado than I would dare with actual pieces of clothing. Maybe I should mix it up more often, but for now, I'm happy with a pretty coral flower and yellow shoes. Plus, of course, adorably summery earrings. Tiny food! Tiny food is always amazing. And a beautiful floppy hat, to feel fabulous and French (hats with bows always make me think of the Madeline books, can't help it.)

If I wore this biking, I like to think that I would ride up to Starbucks (or wherever people with bikes go) with my make up perfect instead running down my red blotchy face. My hair would cascade over my shoulders in delicate waves and curls and would definitely not be lank and sweaty. No bugs would go after my exposed limbs, no awkward sunburns. Just easy breezy bike riding.

For now, I think my goal will be to one day bike to the library. The magical bike-riding outfit will have to come with time.

Any biking fans? Are you cute & stylish bikers, serious spandex bikers, or casual cool bikers? Is anyone else picturing motorcyclists that fit any of the previous descriptions right now? Just me? Okay.

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