glasses redux

The last time I got new glasses was freshman year of college. That was when I switched from wire frames to the chunky plastic frames I'm so drawn to now; in a way, it was a whole new me. So it feels pretty poetic to be getting a new pair now, as I'm entering the working world! I wrote about my love of glasses in my very first post of the year: I would never get contacts. I'm a glasses girl through and through.

I've been in love with this pair of Ray-Bans for a long time...they're so retrofab and dramatic.

I simply had to get my hands on them, and luckily, there was a pair at my local Lenscrafters. Unluckily, these amazing glasses just weren't right for me. They were a little too intensely retro for my day to day life, and the shape of the frames sat a tad too narrowly on my face (which enhanced the roundness of it, no thanks). I tried on piles of other glasses in the store, but I ended up coming back to the wall of Ray-Bans to find my winner.

Without further ado, behold, my new glasses:

So, I love these a lot! They have the retro-inspired flair that I wanted, without being too costumey for me to feel comfortable wearing them day in and day out. They're black and chunky, which was pretty much a bygone conclusion--black and chunky is the summation of my glasses preferences. They're a real brand and sad as it is, that makes me feel just a little bit cooler. Why you gotta do me like that, consumerism? (I did try on a pair of $400 Tiffany frames. They were pretty cute, but not $400 worth of cute.)

I'm adjusting to them...there's always that funky period with new glasses when you put them on and PART OF YOUR FACE IS WRONG. The lenses on these are bigger than my last pair, so it's strange not to have a literal frame around my vision. And though my prescription didn't change much, these are way cleaner than my glasses have been since...well, the first day I got them, probably!

Of course, as much as I love these, now is also the time I plan to experiment with the world of online glasses. There is a place that I can get ARGYLE GLASSES for a mere $10. You think I'm not going to order a pair? You don't know me.

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