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I am all about grey lately. Or gray. I've always spelled it "gray" but recently it's started to look a bit less sophisticated than its UK counterpart. (Yes, I am the type of person concerned about the aesthetic quality of the words I use.) But from the grey dresses you saw me feature in my last post to gunmetal eyeshadow to those dreamy grey bedrooms, I have a fixation. There's something so wonderfully serene about the right shade of grey, and I have a real thing about pops of color. What better to pop off of than the delicate neutral tones of grey? Grey/yellow is definitely my favorite pairing, although grey and blue also make lovely partners. Plus, I've always had a tender spot in my heart for the industrial look, and grey makes me think of big ol' ducts and metal fittings.

I went on a bit of a mad pinning spree tonight and filtered through most of the grey/gray tagged items on there. I'll only share a few of my very favorites, but please do follow the link and see all of them if you're as fond as grey as I am.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I will definitely keep adding to this board when I come across more fabulous greys!

On the fashion side, I obviously love grey dresses. Pair them with a fabulous bright shoe to get the fun pop I talked about above:

grey lady

Or, if all-over grey is a little bit much for you, why not try a pair of grey tights or socks to add some contrast to a bright dress? I used the same color combos here as above, because I like parallelism like that:

grey legs

Are you a grey fan or does it just make you feel like you're stuck inside on a rainy day? (also, I switched up the Polyvore you like having the separate pieces clickable on the bottom or no?)

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