operation update: new layout

I'm holding off on posting more pictures of my bedroom until I get a little further along for purposes of drama/excitement/etc. But I finally rearranged it last weekend, and after a week of living in it, I'm still pleased! So this new layout is now the official set-up of my updated room. I used the Icovia Space Planner to create some mock-ups of the before/after. I didn't measure or anything, so these aren't 100% accurate. They're close enough for my blood!



I was worried about lining up the majority of my furniture along the wall, but I actually really like how it looks. It creates a little "living area" on the left side of the room where I think I'd like to put a rug. It also opens up the rest of room, giving me more floor space and showing off the beautiful hardwood floors.

Rearranging everything has brought to mind a lot of new design/decorating ideas as well as convincing me of which ones I definitely have to do.

Still to come:
  • Wall decal for between the windows

  • Line the inside of the bookcase shelves with some bright paper (why did I buy a black bookcase?)

  • Take down cork boards, use one for inspiration board (cover with fabric?)

  • Jewelry storage (I'm thinking this one, but I've been shopping Etsy too)

  • Get some art on the walls (also: frames)

  • Desk organizer stuff

  • Rug shopping

  • Get another table lamp

  • Desk chair (I'm using one of our kitchen chairs for now)

So much left to do...but with the room rearranged, I'm really feeling confident about moving forward. That was the big step, and now that I know the way it fits together, it's a lot easier to pinpoint what needs to be spruced up. And I'm really excited for the shopping portion of this redecoration, of course!

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