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What I'm going to do with my jewelry has been an issue I've been considering for a long time. I have pretty much two modes of "storage" for my jewelry; either it all lays out and makes a mess or it's packed away into terribly unstylish plastic tubs. I really want a storage solution that's also stylish, so I can show my pieces off, have easy access to it, and take advantage of the touch of color and sparkle I could have, using jewelry I already own as a piece of art!

I own a lot of long necklaces, so a jewelry tree/stand, as cute as they may be, just isn't going to cut it. I'm open to buying a piece, though working a little DIY magic is tempting. Here's a spread, from ready-made to DIY, that I've been pinning to my "Room Inspiration" board.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Okay, so I snuck a stand in there, but c'mon, keys! How cute is that? And I could use a little stand for my earrings and rings. As much as I'm in love with those printer's trays, right now, I'm thinking about repainting a coatrack that I liberated from my last apartment. With some spray paint, it could add a funky edge to my room while still sticking with my kind of...airy outdoors-inspired theme. (That's a dumb way to describe a theme, I should work on that.)

How do you store your jewelry? Do you keep it tucked in a jewelry box or do you try to use it as a decoration? I'm just excited to stop keeping my pretties inside a tupperware!

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