my style: the one accessory rule

Yikes, what a week! I feel almost like I'm settled back into the school routine; of course, that just means bigger and crazier things will come up. So I better make sure I get back into my blogging groove now, before things like "homework" start dragging me down!

Now, I am probably not the most stylish person you will ever meet (or even the most stylish blogger you currently read) and I know I probably won't become that. That may seem odd, since I obviously love fashion enough to blog about it, but my problem has always been making an outfit into an Outfit instead of just a series of clothes. I always seem to spy people on the street who look stylish and put together when I just look like I'm wearing clothes--a feat that is seldom applauded in itself. I've recently developed a rule for myself that works wonders to make clothes into outfits. I call it the one accessory rule.

Luckily, I'm not a mathematician or some kind of abstract theorist; the one accessory rule is exactly what it sounds like: wear at least one accessory at any given time. This probably sounds incredibly simple (and probably pretty dumb) to the more stylish among us, but the simplicity is what makes it work. It can be hard to imagine yourself into a fabulous outfit, especially when you're getting ready in a time crunch. If your options are make it to class on time or get yourself utterly fabulous, class (hopefully) wins out. But to put on one accessory is so easy. And I find that once I have one on, others follow. Standing in front of my vanity (it may look like a desk, but to me, it's a vanity) and saying "I need to accessorize" often leads to blank stares at my little Gladware container of jewelry, silently begging my bustier lamp to give me a hint. It's too much. But saying "I need a great pair of earrings" is a more achievable goal. And once I have a great pair of earrings, somehow the right necklace is so much easier to find. And then something to go in my hair...before you know it, I'm festooned in finery! (Do be sure not to festoon yourself too festively; excessive festooning can be detrimental to your overall appearance.) (...festoon!)

Because it isn't a post of mine (it seems) without some lovely Polyvore, have some pretties! As always, everything pictured is under $50.

pick one (or more)

I tried to get a bit of a mix of brighter and more muted colors, since I do love the bright ones, but I've been really drawn to creams and their ilk lately. Cameos and pearls are calling my name, I can't help but answer!

Hey bloggers! I've been thinking about doing a School Style series about different colleges nation/worldwide. Of course, no one knows a campus's style better than someone who goes there! If you'd be interested in writing a post about style at your school to be featured on this blog, please e-mail me! (ficklekitsch[at]gmail[dot]com)


  1. Love the glasses necklace.
    BTW if you follow my blog then you'll have to unfollow and refollow. It's being an absolute jackass.

  2. I'm not really into accessories, but yea, I mostly do the one accessory rule thing.

  3. I am in LUST with those blue earrings. They are fabu-lous!

  4. @Emily It's so cute and nerdy!

    @Fickle Cattle I've been getting more into them; I don't have as many as I'd like.

    @Annah Aren't they gooorgeous? I'm lucky so many of the stores are UK-based, or I'd buy everything!



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