mix it up: i cooked!

I won't lie: fashion is not my only passion (though it is the only one that rhymes so neatly). And while this blog is primarily about gawking at pretty things, I think that lots of things are pretty. And happy to be shared! So if the odd bit of food or interior design pops up here, just chalk it up to "lifestyle" and indulge me?

Okay, mostly I'm just really proud of food I made and I wanted to show you:

So I have a pretty crummy camera, but you get the idea! I made bruschetta and it was super easy. I mixed a tablespoon of olive oil with some crushed basil my roommate was drying over the stove and a minced clove of garlic (the recipe also called for fresh chives and lemon juice which would have been fabulous, but I didn't have that, so it didn't go in!), then mixed in a diced red onion and a tomato. (The fact that the onion was from the Farmer's Market and the tomato from my garden at home definitely helped it taste delicious.) Then I just let it sit while I toasted up some french bread in a buttered skillet and, boom! Bruschetta was mine, and it was good.

This bruschetta made me want to not be wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt while I sat on the couch and noshed. It made me want to sit next to the window at a cute little cafe, wearing one of those casual dresses, you know the kind, with the effortlessly cute cotton tank on top of an adorable skirt. Hair gathered into a loose bun on the nape of my neck to show off some pretty dangling earrings, but otherwise clean and simple. We're just having a casual but immensely chic dinner, of course.

In fact, I think I would want to wear something like one of these:

bruschetta date

...so I guess it ended up being about fashion after all!


  1. Yum! Looks delish- I love that purse as well.

    natale eve

  2. @natale eve It was awesome! I have such a weak spot for purses--love them!

    @Julie Thanks! I'm coveting those flats really desperately



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