friday fix

It's a lovely Friday afternoon, and while I write a story about surrealist typewriters for my fiction workshop, I feel the urge to look at pretty things. Have a look, and then have a great weekend ♥

Photo thanks to projectrungay

I would so wear Mondo's entry from this week's PR. And am I the only one who can't help thinking of him as a young, especially flamboyant Gomez Addams?

Photo thanks to pretty space

Those pillows are so adorable, they're driving me bonkers. (I originally reblogged this picture over on my tumblr. Follow me there to see pretty pictures all week long!)

Available here

Pinup Girl Clothing has been one of my favorite "look and lust" websites for years now. If I could outfit myself entirely in their dresses, I would.

What pretty things are you looking at this fine Friday?


  1. Those pillows are so hilarious, I love them. :) Nice post, as usual. :D

  2. Love Mondo. I would fight you for that outfit.



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